George F. Steiner | Holocene Crossroads: Managing the Risks of Cultural Evolution

IFIRAR Quarterly  – Vol. 16, pp. 11-78. (September 2018) DOI: 10.528/zenodo.2348143

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 Republished as a separate volume by Scholars’ Press (Saarbrücken, 2019),  under the title

THE GENTLE BUSHMAN AND THE TAME NEANDERTHALThe ‘ABC of Modernity’ Reconsidered. ISBN: 978-613-8-83032-0

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The Gentle Bushman and the Tame Neanderthal

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SGM_Steiner-The Gentle Bushman and the Tame Neanderthal 

George F. Steiner | Calibrating vs. Ideating Reality: A Cognitive Assessment of Paleolithic Abstractions and Illustrations

NeanderART 2018Did Neanderthals or other early humans create ‘art’?

International Conference hosted by CeSMAP (Centro Studi e Museo d’ Arte Preistorica), under the aegis of UISPP (The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences) and the auspices of IFRAO (The International Federation of Rock Art Organizations) | August 22 to August 26, Luigi Einaudi Campus, University of Turin.

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NEANDERTHALS IN PLATO’S CAVE – A Relativistic Approach to Cultural Evolution

(2017) Nova Science Publishers, New York. ISBN: 978-1-53611-940-4

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Neanderthals in Plato’s Cave

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NEANDERTHALS IN PLATO’S CAVE: A Relativistic Approach to Cultural Evolution | George F. Steiner

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Softcover edition released in 2018.  ISBN: 978-1-53613-932-7

FROM PRIMITIVE WELLNESS TO CIVILIZED MADNESS – An Etiology and Case History of Collective Dissociation

(2018) Lambert Academic Publishing, Beau Bassin. ISBN: 978-613-8-23667-2

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From Primitive Wellness to Civilized Madness

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A part of the book was published as a chapter in an edited volume, under the title

Steiner, G. F. 2016. Collective Dissociation: The Origins of Civilized Madness. In R. G. Bednarik (ed.), Understanding Human Behavior: Theories, Patterns and Developments, pp. 129-174. Nova Biomedical, New York. ISBN: 978-1-63485-174-9

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